Photo by Paul Anthony Wilson

I haven’t done three thoughts in ages. We’re talking years. Though I do always horn in on Bethany’s, because when I don’t write here all my silly words come out in comments other places, and Bethany is cool like that and lets me be obnoxious. Anyway. Let’s get to it.

1. This week I turned in a 30-page book chapter, a 37-page dissertation chapter, and two grant proposals. You guys, I’m tired. I’m out of words. I feel like I’m writing inside-out and backwards. Also, I feel good about life and want to dance around with  my arms over my head.

2. I may or may not be running another half-marathon…tomorrow. I know, I know. It may not have been my wisest plan to sign up for another big race the same week as all my huge deadlines.  I have this thing where I’m bad about overcommitting myself or being stupidly optimistic about my ability to do 50 big things all at once. We can talk about it later if you want. I told my counselor and she laughed and then made a stern face.

3. I had a student tell me this week that I’d changed his life, that he’d never forget what I did for him. I don’t know if you know this already, but hearing that? It’s The Business, the best thing anyone’s ever said to me. It makes my heart feel all big and good-throbby.

While you’re thinking of your own three things to add in the comments, please listen to this song, and have a lovely, Dan Mangan-y day.