sometimes you go through hard things. sometimes you go through stressful things. sometimes you go through hard things and stressful things at the same time and you feel pressed thin and broken apart all at once. here’s how to keep moving, maybe.

wake up. have your wake-up cry. tell yourself I can’t bear it as many times as you need to. this is a way of bearing it.

brush your teeth. don’t forget.

turn the kettle on. you’ll know what to do when it starts to whistle. it’ll be the first time you feel like you’ve known what to do in days. go with it.

ignore the thumping of your heart in your chest. heart thumps are how you know you’re alive, literally.

take one breath. take another one. keep this up and you’ll really have something going.

leave your phone in the other room. turn off the wifi switch on your laptop. refrain from checking either every 30 seconds, or even every 30 minutes. can you manage it?

set a timer. do some work. if you have to tell yourself I can’t do it a few times first, go ahead. then start doing it.

talk to a person. remember people? they’re nice.

have your afternoon cry, if you need one.

do some more work. set a timer. take a break when the timer goes off, and then go again. leave the house if you must. sometimes walls can stare.

listen to an audiobook that you love. stop listening when you stop listening.

have you eaten anything today? I know, who cares, but really. you should think about this.

cook something. eat some of it.

clean something. (this is never a bad idea.)

sit on the stoop in the sun and peel a grapefruit with your fingers.

write things in your journal. they can be crazy, no one cares. (no, no I didn’t mean it like that.)

move your body, outside maybe. put one foot on the ground, and then the next one. do you feel a breeze on your face? is it nice? pay attention. let the sound of your heartbeat and your own breath in your ears be louder than the things in your head.

make something for someone else. lose yourself in the push and pull of soft wool and pointy needles.

watch something that makes you laugh.

look at the stars. (it’s not too late for one more cry.)

get into bed and stare at the ceiling with burning eyes. eventually, your body will fall asleep against your mind’s will. probably.

remember that you always have the option of taking to the sea.

just keep on, is all.

* * *

this post is loosely inspired by something my friend Emma posted on facebook yesterday that I unfortunately can’t link you to. sometimes we all need a little inspiration, no?